Cash App – Earn $5 using code: NMPDQWS or the link below. Possibly $5 in free stock + Cash Card that can obtain various rewards including Bitcoin as cash back. Can buy/sell/send Bitcoin on this extremely basic platform. You can also send/receive money.

Cash App offers multiple benefits. Obtain $5 for using the link above or code: NMPDQWS

When we joined this app they had a promotion to acquire an additional $5 by investing at least $1 into stocks. The way this program works is that they add $5 onto your first stock order.

Additionally, they have a debit card called the “Cash Card”. It often has programs that give Bitcoin (BTC) as cash back. Very frequently these programs are for things that you would be purchasing anyway. There are also a variety of other discounts/cash rewards/etc. that the Cash Card will have as “boosts”. You can adjust the boosts as you see fit. Some will have expiration dates.

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