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Hive.io is an extremely unique platform. It offers blogs, communities, dApps, exchanges, and just about anything else you can think of. You are required to obtain a referral/invite code in order to join the platform. You can use our code below in order to join the platform. You have to get the additional tools we’ve attached in order to configure your wallet. To make things a bit easier we’ve included everything you need here.

Sign Up Here: https://hiveonboard.com/?ref=savedbythecrypto


Sign up for Ecency. Ecency is another blog platform but it is powered by the same cryptocurrency as Hive: https://ecency.com/signup?referral=savedbythecrypto

Hivesigner is utilized for logging in: https://hivesigner.com/

Hive Blog platform: https://hive.blog/

Our Blog: https://peakd.com/@savedbythecrypto

Our Ecency: https://ecency.com/@savedbythecrypto

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