Netbox – Browser

Click here to get Netbox. Netbox is a browser that allows you to earn cryptocurrency. They are trying to expand upon the model created by the Brave web browser.

First, the referral links it advertised did not work. It would just reroute to their default URL. Once you set up an account it still did not pay out the advertised referral bonus. Several portions of the website were outdated. Some pages had deadlines but despite that they were still willing to accept payments.

We received notification of over 20 failed attempts to log into our website. Considering the website has not been promoted whatsoever, this was a bit creepy and with Netbox being the only installation of the day, it became the prime suspect. Shortly after installation we noticed the PC fans were running full blast despite literally no programs being opened. Now that we were looking at Netbox – it all started to make sense.

Netbox had refused to close and actually minimized itself to the tray. It appeared to be utilizing “cryptojacking” software. This is software that mines cryptocurrency without your consent. As soon as the program was shut down VIA the Task Manager & uninstalled the fans stopped. Thus far no further attacks have occurred. No overly loud fans. Etc. We highly recommend that you proceed with caution if using this.

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