SoFi – Investing Platform

Various opportunities to earn. Explained below. SoFi is an app that does it all. It offers banking, a credit card, stock investing, loans, and cryptocurrency investing. The trading definitely has room for improvement. One cool feature is earning “points” every day when logging in. The points are equivalent to 1 cent but you can earn from reading articles as well as log in streaks. It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up and takes literally not even 10 seconds of your time.

If used properly SoFi has the potential to yield literally thousands of dollars just in bonuses. What you see below will also be available to you. If you can refer people you can make up to $10,000 per year. The catch is that each area has a different referral code. If you sign up for one thing out of order it can kill your ability to get any of the other bonuses. So, be careful with it. There are no “do-overs”.

We have put them in the order that we would recommend using them. Get the SoFi money account when you know you can make the $500 direct deposit. That scores you $50 that you can take and use to get at least $5 in free stock + $25 in Bitcoin + $20 if you feel like applying for loans.

Click here to explore the different ways to earn with SoFi.

This is the absolute freebie link. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get 1,000 rewards points. Rewards points can be earned every day just by opening the app. Each one is worth 1 cent. You can trade it for credit, cash, stocks, or cryptocurrency. If you use this link you are sacrificing the option to do some of the below items.

This is the one we recommend starting with. If you were starting with nothing it would be a couple weeks before you could use it, but it is worth the wait. You can save, spend, and earn interest—all in one account. Use my link to sign up and you’ll get a $50 bonus after you direct deposit $500.

After using the bank link you can earn $10 for seeing if you qualify for a loan with SoFi. If use the link below to apply for a SoFi Personal Loan, qualify for the loan, and accept it – we both receive a $310 welcome bonus. It will go against your credit score but I was willing to take that hit for the $310 bonus:

This link is the same as the previous one. Instead of a regular loan it is just applying to refinance a student loan. Not really worth doing in my opinion, but the $10 for checking to see if you qualify seemed worthwhile.

This just seemed like a terrible deal. Especially since opening the credit, or investing accounts will eliminate the ability to receive the $50 from the money account. If you use this bonus you can buy and sell stocks (and pieces of stocks) with zero fees. The part that makes it suck is that you have to deposit $5,000 or more, and just to get $50 in stock. The thing is that you can get $5 in free stock if you open the money account first + $25 in Bitcoin when you buy $10 of BTC. Anyway here is the link:

SoFi Credit card link. It just lets you get 2x cash back and points. If you are approved. If not you will have wasted several of the bonuses above.

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