Stormgain – Cloud mining/futures trading

Click here to get Stormgain + $3 USDT.

Stormgain may only work in your web browser depending on your location. It also is sporadic in regards to paying out the advertised referral bonuses. Despite these flaws it is still an awesome tool. You can run the cloud miner 4 hours at a time. Once you have 10 USDT worth of crypto you can withdraw it from the miner. This allows you to trade it. Because it is “futures trading” there is a risk of losing everything if you are not careful. However, you can leverage what you have x300, and once you clear $50 profit you can withdraw it to your wallet. Basically, the stuff you mine may be stuck there but any profit earned with it is all yours. Very easy to create a revenue stream as long as you take your time with the trading.

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